Thursday, October 27, 2011

Make-Up: How to Look Youthful and Chic (Natural Look)

#1 Keep your eyebrows thick but TRIM. Shape those brows and don't fill them in too dark if your brows are thin.

#2 Use a light primer and foundation to give your skin an airbrushed appearence.

#3 Use BRONZER to seal your make up.

#4 Apply a girly pink blush.

#5 Make a little cateye with your eyeliner on your eye lid.

#6 If your lashes are long use tons of Mascara; if not buy some natural looking lashes and apply. Put mascara on your bottom lashes too.

#7 Lastly, apply a nice colored lipstick that fits your skin tone (red, orange, pink, nude gloss, etc.).

Ladies Boots: Wardrobe Must Haves!

Must Have Boots for Fall/Winter

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY: Studded Glitter Loafers by Kimora

I was inspired by the Sam Edelman Spiked flats that are below. However, I didn't want to pay the price (college student budget) of $150. So, I ordered some glitter flats from Go Jane and took a trip to Michaels craft store and bought 4 packs of black jewels (that look like studs from a far) and glued them to my shoes with E6000 glue and I have the results below. Overall I spent $30 for my DIY loafers.


Below are Sam Edelman Flats 

Go Jane Glitter Flats (below)

Bling Black Jewels from Michaels Craft Store

These are the ending results for my studded flats.



Get Tyler's look

Get Tyler's look

Get Tyler's look by shawnsdotgiles featuring snap jeans

Nothing is better than dressing down..and still looking the part!

Mr. Everhart Fly

Mr. Everhart Fly

Mr. Everhart Fly by shawnsdotgiles
Dress up your look fellas with tailored jeans and a blazer and unbelievable shoes..those shoes stole the show! WERQ!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FAILED: Serena Williams "You Gotta Do Better"...SMH

OK baby lurkers, Serena below is sporting the leather trend BUT its a TOTAL FAIL. First, that wig is a "no no", big curly hair is not your friend. Secondly, that is way too much concealer under your eyes; who are you trying to be "Casper the Friendly Ghost"? Third, stop putting your lipstick on in the car while driving down the highway because clearly you can not color inside the lines (lip line). Lastly, ladies if you have an athletic build and your abs look like The Situation's (Jersey Shore) abs, then you know that if you wear a belly shirt it will cut you off and draw attention to how SQUARE  your waist is. You don't want to be shaped like a box so therefore you must cover that mid section with a pencil skirt (gives the illusion of a smaller waist).

With the offence of 4 fashion violations, I'm sorry but Serena Williams has Failed and is in jeopardy of being put on FASHION PROBATION.


Monday, October 24, 2011


Obsessing over men's 2011 fall fashions..

Micheal Kors 2011
Tommy Hilfiger 2011
Hermes 2011
Nautica 2011
Phillip Lim 2011

Men's Accessories(:

Men how ready are you for fall?? New looks to adopt to your wardrobe!

Add to existing pieces in your wardrobe! If you have a vest dress it down with a button up, sweater, or long sleeve tshirt, ankle boots, or moccassins!! Cuff your jeans right above your shoe, show off a patterned sock!! Let your jacket/coat be part of your finishing look, not just something you throw on!! More Men's fall fashion and tips to come(: ~Sdot~

Visit for men's fashion and as well!

TREND LURK: Leather Me!

Fashion Duet: Kastle Designs

Fashion Ideas: What to Wear with Thigh High Boots

Thigh Highs

Friday, October 21, 2011

All Black Weekend Look: Comfy Casual

Weekend Look

Rude Humor: Beavis and Butthead "Its so COLD n the D"....LHH

Fashion Obsession: Thigh High Tights

I think this trend should catch on to all of my baby lurkers if it hasn't already. Thigh high stockings first came out around the 1920's and evolved into pantyhose in the 40's. Most people recognize the thigh high hose with "Pin Up" styles. I feel that this is a very classy and classic way to be cute, fun, and sexy. Show off your legs girls with some thigh high stockings. Pair them with: baby doll dresses, tank dresses, shorts, short skirts, rompers, sweater dresses and more.

You can get this tights from: Urban Outfitters, Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, JcPenny, Beauty Supply, and more.....


This Makes Me Wish that Rihanna and Chris Brown were.......

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Hairstyle for Less: $1 Bun

Want to achieve this look?
Well, you can. All you need is a $1 pack of jumbo braiding hair (synthetic hair/100% Kanekalon) from your local beauty supply. If you want a chic runway look or an elegant up-do that is "pocket friendly" versus a pre-made bun that will cost you $10 or more (for our college students who have tight funds) try this.
S Dot pulled her hair up in the desired position for the bun and put her hair in a pony tail or ball (for longer hair). Use the best holding hair products for your type of hair (ex. gel, jam, pump it up spritz, etc.) and smooth your hair up with a hard brush. Then, you will take the braiding hair and begin to wrap the hair continuously around your pony tail/ball and bobby pin the hair in place until the hair comes to an end. S Dot only used 1 whole bag of synthetic hair. If you want the bun to be bigger use 2 bags.

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