Saturday, April 30, 2011

TREND LURK: Boys With a Purse! (top 10 must have spr 2011)

Well as you know the man bag has been here in the fashion trends for some time now but, has just become mainstream in America. This European fashion statement can be seen on some of the hottest celebs and "us regular fokes". (LOL) However, parts of society feel that the man bag is a bit risky and challenges male sexuality. I just want to know " what's in that bag? money, drugs,...another man bag? It could be that man bags are a status marker and whoever has the biggest man bag is a boss.What do you think? If a heterosexual man wears a man bag is he giving of the wrong message? Leave a comment....

Bag-Man, not Man BagsBags are a must for next season, there’s no getting away from it. To embrace the season, canvas might be the go to textile, but a little leather to accent the look is always a practical approach. When looking to leather, check out contrasting stitching and pairings of bright and dark colors. (


Pharell and Kanye

 Chris Brown, looking guilty...Busted!
"What's in there Chris?....Huh"

Bow Wow, holding his man bag like a clutch.

Kanye again; he loves this trend

Snoop Dog
He dead wrong for this shit Yall. Kill YO Self...Now!
I'll wait......................

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