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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fashion Tips 101: Curvy-lious Girls

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Today I want to talk about curvy girl body shapes and some good tips on how to dress them. As a curvy girl it can be hard to find pieces that are flattering on your shape. Well. I am a curvy girl and I have issues with clothing fitting my bust, hips, and butt. If you have any of these issues, this post is for you.

#1 Wear the Proper Undergarments

When you have more assets then others, you must take care of your foundation. The Foundation of your clothing are your undergarments (bra, underwear, slimmers/girdles, slips, etc.). By wearing the correct undergarments this will set the silhouette for you clothing. Thus, resulting in a better appearance. Get fitted for the correct sized bra. No one should be wearing a bra that is too little (causes spill-edge and back rolls) or too big.(causes gaps/bulges). Find some Spanx that work for your flaws. For example, if you have issues with you back rolls and tummy, buy some Spanx that target & control these areas.

If you have big bust, stay away from shirts or dresses that require you to be bra-less. As large chested ladies we need to give are bodies the support that is needed. 

#2 Blazers are Your "Go-To" Piece

Blazers are structured pieces that work well on hourglass shapes. A blazer will minimize your breast size and create a "pulled-in" illusion at your waist. You will instantly have that Kim K. or J. Lo figure. As curvy woman, we want to pull in or waist as much as possible. A smaller waist will help balance your top and bottom half. 

#3 Belts are your Best Buddy

Like tip #2, belts will help draw emphasis on your waist. Belts help pull in your waist and attract the eye to the center of your body. This creates the illusion of an hourglass figure. * Stay away from elastic waist bands,  they make your waist look wider.

#4 Pencil & A-Line Skirts 

Pencil skirts will fit close to your body exposing your beautiful curves and an A-Line skirt will balance out your shape. 

# 5  Wrap your Curves with a Wrap Dress

A wrap dress creates an hourglass shape on every body type, so this is a must have in your wardrobe. Every girl should own one. 

# 6 Cigarette Pants, Boot Cut Jeans, & Wide Leg are your Best Bottoms

Make sure you have some good fitting jeans and trousers that are tailored to your body. Good fit is key for a  great silhouette. Cigarette pants, boot cut, and wide legged jeans share something similar, they are not fitted to your ankles. This flare at the bottom of the pants help balance out those curves up top. 

#7 V-Neck Necklines 

V-Necks help elongate your neck and make you look taller and draw the eyes back to your waist. 

#8 Structured Handbags 

Curvy women should go for a more structured bag vs. a slouchy purse. Oversized bags can be too over baring and take away from your body however, I break this rule because I love oversized bags. New Rule: If the bag is wider then your hips, it is too big for you. 


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Outfit Request: What 2 Wear w/ My Snake Print Shoes

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

I have another outfit request that I will share with all of my viewers. A young fashionista has ordere some banging hot snake print illusion wedge heels with a buckle on the side and she wanted me to give her some outfit inspirations to get her started on a look for these "bad boys".

The shoes are a white and gray snake print in the front of the shoe and black in the back. The shoes are great for the Fall season but she can pull these looks off now with the shoes.

What 2 Wear with Snake Print Shoes

What 2 Wear with Snake Print Shoes by kimi2kute featuring chunky jewelry

Hope you like my looks I put together for you. ENJOY!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Get the Look: Giuseppe Zanotti Caged Sandals

Hey My Baby Lurkers,

Treat yourselves this weekend to some new heels. Now, if you have the cash to get the original Giuseppe's (blue) then by all means "have at it" for $1150.00.

But if not, Go has these bad boys in every color for $34.70 ! Go in with those credit cards and go hard.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

B&B Hair Show in ATL

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

This past weekend I went to Atlanta for the Bronner Brothers Hair Show. It was fun, there were a lot of different vendors from all over the world. I can't wait to go next year. Here are some pics of the show.
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