Monday, April 30, 2012

Get the Look: Khloe Odom's Acid Yellow Bag

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Khloe is out in these streets rocking one of my fav trends of the season. NEON'S! I love her yellow shoulder bag that she is wearing along with a plain leather jacket and some distresses jeans. Here is a pic of Khloe below.

I found this look-a-like at GO JANE.COM. The bag retails for $43.70 and also comes in green. I think the pink bag is sold out.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Amber Rose's New Do

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

My girl Amber Rose has gotten tired of her signature blonde buzz cut and has decided to test drive a short blonde body wave. Like most girls, Amber is fed up with the same look and wanted to switch it up.  I like Amber's new do but I don't what her to keep it for long cuz Amber is one of few who is still fyre and bald headed.

Do my baby lurkers like her new look? Fyre or Failed?


Scene Slayers: Say what you want about them individually..but together#BOW

Laid back dressed up/down fly

Danty/ultra feminine/girly fly..butdid yall meet up after TWO different events or what? lol

Elegant and tasteful...and Kanye in his shiny suit...and the haters said "Shiny" materials werent in...smh

Chic and Classy

2X's FLY!! Sidenote/how her a$$ get in them leather pants??? lol

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Barely There Eva Marcille

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

I know the weather is changing and its getting close to summer time, but we should still keep our clothes on. Eva Marcille has been parading around in the media baring lots of skin. It must really be hot where she is.

The white dress was actually tasteful; Eva looks like a lady in the white dress. Keep reading to view these unforgivable shorts........

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lets Talk Weave

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Lets talk weave.

Remy hair

Human hair collected directly from a hair donor is Remy hair. It is also known as: cuticle hairvirgin Hair or cut Hair. most hair sold in the hair industry is not Remy hair, but rather bleaching or acid-baths have been used to strip the cuticles. Remy hair also goes through a additional special processes comparable to those of processing cashmere, which ultimately allow better preservation of the hair cuticles. This creates stronger, fuller-bodied, durable Remy hair pieces. It is also spelled: Remi hair (

Remy hair does go through a process, like the definition said, so calling Remy Hair, Virgin Remy Hair is a contradiction. If the hair you buy is called Virgin Remy Hair, then the hair is processed. 

Virgin Hair 
Human Hair that has not been processed (no relaxer, no color treatment, no chemicals at all), only shampooed and conditioned.

What type of remy hair textures do you like?
Body Wave
Yaki Straight
Yaki Coarse
Kinky Curly
Silky Straight
Deep Wave
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big Splurge: Cassie's Guiseppe Sneakers

If you want to spend a pretty penny of some sneakers, try Cassies Snake Skin Guiseppe's.

Cassie Sneakers

Get the Look: Rihanna in the NYC

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Rihanna had on a cute "on the go" outfit that can easily be created. Take a look at how you can "Get the Look" of Rihanna.

Rihanna Maxi

DIY: Cassie Ripped Cream Jeans

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Cassie was spotted in the NYC at an ice cream truck looking "rocker fab". Cassie had on a two-toned white & blue jacket with a graphic tee. Some overly distressed jeans with Guiseppe Sneakers. She also had on an Egyptian medallion around her neck.

You can easily get this look buy starting with a DIY of these jeans.......

Cassie's Jeans DIY


Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY: Ombre Weave/Natural Hair

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Since I have been posting all this Ombre stuff, I might as well find a video for you guys to watch just in case you want to try this look at home. Coloring weave is very easy. You can find all the tutorials on Youtube to help you. If this is your first time coloring hair with a dramatic color, please use weave first. Don't take that risk of messing up your natural hair.

Also, if this is your first time, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE REMY OR VIRGIN HAIR  to get these results. You can use remy/virgin if you have it or that's the only hair you like. On the other hand,  if you have 100% human hair or go buy some, you will get the same results too. 100% Human Hair is a lesser cost then remy and virgin hair.

I love projects, so if someone out there is like me then this will be a fun project to complete for yourself.
*TIP: If you don't want the whole bundle of hair red, then just put the red dye at the bottom of the hair where you want it to be red.


New Look: Ashanti New Ombre Black-2-Red Hair

Ashanti is sporting a new hair do in town, big bouncy waves with deep red dyed ends. What do my Baby Lurkers think about this look? Fyre or Trash?

What do you think about Ashanti's new hairstyle?
Fyre, It looks good on her
Trash, Try again Ashanti
Love the curls, not sure about the color.
Love the color, not sure about the curls
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Get CLOSE to the Look: Jennifer Lopez Basket Weave Cutout Dress

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Once again Jennifer Lopez amazes us with her stellar dress game. I swear this woman does no wrong when it comes to finding a great dress for her body.

Geezz Jen, You have got to work on those faces. Like Tyra said, "You have to always be ready for the cameras."

Here is a dress that I thought came a little close to what Jen was rocking above.

ASOS Midi Dress with Cut Out Panels

$99.98NOW $39.99


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Solange in Ferragamo

Color blockings Solange style!

Color blockings Solange style! by sdotgiles featuring a bra top
LOVE THIS SHEER/SHINY LOOK!!! When I wore sheer and shiny..I was crucified...guess it takes a celebrity to validate the look..anywho#WERQ

Get the Look: Poe, La La's BFF

Hey guys,

I noticed how Poe from La La's Full Court Life, has a quirky little style. I like it on her because it works with her personality. Her style is a little messy but she picks some cute simple pieces that mesh well together. Check her out on VH1, La La's Full Court Life, on Monday nights.

Poe's Look

FAILED: Lance Gross Girlfriend

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

I hope I'm not just going crazy, but Lance Gross girlfriend Rebecca looks like she has been picked up from either a corner or the "lost and found". Trash, thats all I can say. She has way to much going on  here. Zebra shoes, metallic gold leggings, floral and leopard print swimsuit? I'm done. I love to mix prints but this was done  from a street walkers point of view. This is a total fail and I bet she is friends with Natalie Nunn. Enough said................

Who Rocked these Neon Red Bottoms Better???

Fashion Lurkers,

I wonna know who you think put the best outfit together for this pump. Will it be LaLa or Beyonce? Let the Fashion Decisions begin......

Who Rocked the Christian Louboutin Unbout Illusion Pumps better?
La La Anthony
Beyonce Carter
Neither Rocked this shoe right!
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Tami Roman on the Cover of Everything Girls Love

Tami looks gorgeous on the new cover of EGL by Yandy Smith, star of Love & Hip Hop. Take a peek inside her new spread. Tami killed this photoshoot.

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