Monday, June 11, 2012

New Do: Kimora's Blunt Chinese Bang & Pony Tail

Hello Fashion Lurkers,

Today is a beautiful day and I wanted to share with you guys my new look after my "ombre" affair. I wanted to go simple and  do something that I haven't done is about 6 years (since high school), a weave pony tail. Pony tails are a good look for the summer and are low maintenance hair styles. They keep you cool and dry due to the fact that your hair is pulled back away from your face, so you don't have to worry about weave all on your neck on hot days making you sweat.

I wanted to add a twist to this traditional look. I went to my Hair Bible and found a video on how to do the perfect Chinese bang. And I wanted more drama in my pony tail, so I bought a 24" pony tail by Say Me (synthetic blend human hair). It was $30. For my bangs, that was 100% human hair that I already had and my bangs where 10" but you can buy 8" if you want to do this look.

The reason I purchased the Say Me blended hair is because its just a pony tail and I do not need a $100 pony tail that's remy. That's just silly to me. The Say Me can be curled and flat ironed at 365* F.

In the youtube video, the girl in the video will start her bangs from the top, this may look weird but it works and it is very fast to complete. The girl did not use any gel or Roberts Diamond Hair Shield to protect her hair from the glue. * Please use a hair shield to protect your hair from glue or you will break your hair off by doing this method.**

I also used: Pump It Up Spritz , Sebastian Spray, & Black Ampro Gel


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