Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day Time TV Find: American Apparel Easy Jean

Hey My Baby Lurkers,

I was watching Dr. Oz today and this episode was about plus sized models and plus sized everyday women who are a size 13-16 (the average American woman range b/t these sizes). The show talked about some tips on how to make your waist smaller with out loosing weight. I already know the secret, it's Spanx...Duuhhhh! lol

One of the models, who was an hour glass shape, spoke on the must have jean for women with this shape. I was all ears because this is my body type. The must have jean is the American Apparel Easy Jean. The model on the show said that this is a jean that can be worn all day and is very comfortable. You can dress this jean up or down. *Also, high waist bottoms compliment a woman's hour glass shape.

So, all my curvy lurkers go get these jeans because the will make you look good in all the right places. The jeans are $72 but I don't mind making an investment with some jeans that will fit me how I want. It's hard finding good jeans when you have big hips, a big booty, and a small waist.

Easy Jeans $72

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