Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rashidah Ali's Shoe Line Encore: Fyre or Failed?

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

I want to talk to you guys about Rashidah's shoe line, Encore. The Rashidah I'm referring to is the raspy voice red head who is from Love & Hip Hop New York season 3. She is best friends with Joe Budden's lost love, Tahiry.

(Rashidah above)
Now, Rashidah has been labeled as a woman with a fraudulent past and I see why. Ok, my lurkers I'm not trying to throw shade on Ms. Ali BUT, home girl shoe line is pulling a Go Jane. She has knocked off every high end designer with her shoe silhouette choices and has the nerve to charge $200 plus. NO Ma'am! Not for a knock off. Her shoe line is nice but it's not original, and that's that shit I don't like. Give me something new to look at... Giuseppe already produced half of her line seasons ago. So, why would the consumer pay $200 for a knock off shoe that they can get from Go Jane.com for $24?  However, Rashidah will trick the ones who don't know any better. But this red headed schemer won't get me.

Sorry, Rashidah but you know the consequences of plagiarism... ZERO!  So for that, You Failed. 


Style4Curves said...

Yeah when I saw her line all I saw was Guiseppe knockoff, Charlotte Olympia knockoffs smdh........won't get me. I'm not impressed. She needs to take that 1,000 she's paying for those bundles of hair and buy some creativity lolllllllllllll

Kimora and S. Dot said...

Lhh .... Agreed!

Keisha Bethany said...

she's still a scam artist. I had no idea about her past or about high fashion shoes, my friend ordered from her website over 2 weeks ago and still have not received her shoes! everytime you call it send you to a voicemail and no one ever contact you back. If I would have known all this I would have never told her to get the shoes!

Ms. Parker said...

Totally Agree!

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