Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY: The OG Spiked Duffle Handbag by Kimora

I ordered some spikes from because I wanted to spike out this purse I got from H&M. It needed to be spiced up!
The tools I used were: a ruler, phillip screwdriver, pencil, an ice pick, and screw back spikes. O' yea, I added my signiture to the bag at the end..a blinged out gun.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Splurge: Rihanna in Pixelated Cleopatra Sweat Shirt from Top Shop

Rihanna was spotted leaving her London hotel today with an Elizabeth Taylor sweat shirt on from Top Shop. Rihanna paid homage to Elizabeth and paired the shirt with a black jersey knit maxi skirt and 2 toned nude and black pumps. She also rocked an Egyptian like medallion necklace.

If anyone is interested in splurging on the Pixelated Cleopatra Sweat Shirt by Unique from Top Shop, the retail price is $100.


Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY:Customized mirror shoes!!

So if you guys didnt know, Kimora and myself are quite crafty...we like to do alot of DIY's, I decided to share this one with you all! Do you guys ever try DIY projects..if so..what have you done? Do tell ~Sdot~

2012 Obsession: Neon Nasty

Neon is one of the biggest 2012 trends for the Spring/Summer and I would advise everyone to go and buy at least 1 article of clothing that is neon. Neons are flirty, loud, and chic if paired with the correct basics. Be careful how you pair your neons because they can come off as cheap looking if you over do it.

Neon Nasty


2012 Spring Trends: Keep your Eye Open

Make sure to look out for these trends in the stores when it's time to shop. These are just "some" of the hot trends for Spring 2012.







Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Loud Blazer + Stripes

Blazer: Hot Pink, Thirfted; Shirt: H&M; Necklace: H&M

Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner by kimi2kute featuring a twill blazer


Road Trip: Chicago Trip with My Girls on My B-Day

Above is Me (Kimora) and Fannie in front of Aldo on Michagan Ave.

Fannie & Kimora on Wabash Ave.

Kimora & Fannie walking down Michagan Ave.

1st Night out on the Town (Kimora)

S Dot, Fannie, & Kimora in the hotel lobby

Mr. Weber was a freak and was tryna get some buns for those

Cover Girls (Kimora, Fannie, & S Dot)

Us again in the elevator

Me and Fannie in the hall


I have snap on bangs so my hairstyle is a "TWO-FER" ( 2 for 1)

Me and Fannie getting ready to go out.

Stop, Pose, and Shoot!

It's my B-Day at Midnight.

This is my B-Day suit!

S Dot, Kimora, and Fannie: Our last day on the strip

Kimora and Fannie

This was my Japanese Desert

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trend Lurk: Monochromatic + Leopard

Clearly this is a rising trend among the people (2011-2012). I've been noticing people dressing in monochromatic colors with the accent of leopard shoes or a totally different color shoe/bag. However, infamous housewife Ne Ne Leakes and bestie Marlo Hampton have grown accustom to this trend.
Take notes ladies and gents, time to buy everything in the same color! DON'T forget the leopard.


Ne Ne Leakes and Aubrey (Danity Kane)

Marlo Hampton ( Real Housewives of Atlanta, In South Africa)
Monochromatic Trend

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