Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Road Trip: Chicago Trip with My Girls on My B-Day

Above is Me (Kimora) and Fannie in front of Aldo on Michagan Ave.

Fannie & Kimora on Wabash Ave.

Kimora & Fannie walking down Michagan Ave.

1st Night out on the Town (Kimora)

S Dot, Fannie, & Kimora in the hotel lobby

Mr. Weber was a freak and was tryna get some buns for those burgers...lol

Cover Girls (Kimora, Fannie, & S Dot)

Us again in the elevator

Me and Fannie in the hall


I have snap on bangs so my hairstyle is a "TWO-FER" ( 2 for 1)

Me and Fannie getting ready to go out.

Stop, Pose, and Shoot!

It's my B-Day at Midnight.

This is my B-Day suit!

S Dot, Kimora, and Fannie: Our last day on the strip

Kimora and Fannie

This was my Japanese Desert


Anonymous said...

Where did u get ur snap on bang frm

S. Dot & Kimora said...

Hairwigharlem.com is where my bang is from. My bang is called the gale by freetress. I also added 3 tracks to it because the bang is not that thick. I cut the bang too. The hair is synthetic so put the hair on big rollers to bump them.

Gold Pink Leo said...

I hope you had fun in Chicago!!! My Hometown! Love Love Love your blog by the way!!!

S. Dot & Kimora said...

Thank U! We had a great time n ur city. Will b returning soon!

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