Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beauty Supply Haul human hair deals!!!!

Who knew you could find inexpensive human hair weave at the beauty supply???????????????????? NOt me...im sure Kimora knew, beauty supply fiend hunny lol

So we must of looked everywhere for the perfect color red to match my (Sdot) skin tone....we found it in 14inches hanging out in the clearance section!!!! $14.99 per bag!!! We also found our friend 100% human hair in number 613 (blonde) 18 inches for............wait for it......................$10.99 per bag!!!!!!!Now you weave consumers know that colored speciality hair is quite expensive!!!! A steal indeed....

So I returned to my beloved body twist at $16.99 for one box, that will cover your entire head, one box truly is enough
the first time we posted about this hair we got soooooo many views and its one of our most viewed post to this day. I saw this look on Toya Wright and thought, I really wanna try those colors!!!!!This hair is awesome! I could have kept it in forever! this time I will be making this out of a weig along witth my red hair purschase!!!!!! Will keep you weave lovers posted!!! ~Sdot~

1 comment:

Giselle Santos said...

this hair looks great. I have been wanting a style like this for SO LONG!!!! do you make tutorials?


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