Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY: The OG Spiked Duffle Handbag by Kimora

I ordered some spikes from because I wanted to spike out this purse I got from H&M. It needed to be spiced up!
The tools I used were: a ruler, phillip screwdriver, pencil, an ice pick, and screw back spikes. O' yea, I added my signiture to the bag at the end..a blinged out gun.
Here is the bag in its plain boring state.

I measured my space and marked with a pencil where I would place my spikes.

This is what both sides of the bag looked like when I was finished with adding the spikes.

Then I added my baby from one of my other purses I made. My old gun bag had a lot of wear and tear on the straps so I ditched it and slapped my gun on a new body.

Finished look! I love her. I named her "The OG". 
 U guys like or is it too dangerous for u? LOL
-Created by Kimora

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