Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trend Lurk: Monochromatic + Leopard

Clearly this is a rising trend among the people (2011-2012). I've been noticing people dressing in monochromatic colors with the accent of leopard shoes or a totally different color shoe/bag. However, infamous housewife Ne Ne Leakes and bestie Marlo Hampton have grown accustom to this trend.
Take notes ladies and gents, time to buy everything in the same color! DON'T forget the leopard.


Ne Ne Leakes and Aubrey (Danity Kane)

Marlo Hampton ( Real Housewives of Atlanta, In South Africa)
Monochromatic Trend


Giselle Santos said...

this is really interesting...but I like it!

Shawn Giles said...


Cash said...

I didnt know that had a name! But I love it! It reminds me of my recent 30s post.. the 30s was very "one color from head to toe".. see how trends come and go!

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