Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kimbella's Hairstyle Diaries

Based on the popular posts, a lot of our viewers love Kimbella from Love & Hip Hop 2. People seemed to be very interested in her hairstyles. So, I will go through a couple of her hairstyles that she has had on the show.

This is Kimbella's most famous hairstyle; the curly fro. This is Kimbella's natural hair. However, this is not Kimbell's natural hair color. This color that Kimbella has achieved looks to be a #27(weave color terms) which is a "honey blonde". Kimbella is signature for her dark roots, creating an ombre affect.

This is Kimbella (right) at her Black Men party and she has some extentions in. Kimbella has a side part with long straight hair in a #27/613 (honey blonde and white blonde mixed). She still has those dark roots.

Now, here Kimbella has a #27/613 weave ponytail in and her natural hair is growing out even more. The majority of her head looks like her color is almost gone.

Here is Kimbella's braided side bun. This is my favorite. Kimbella's hair was french braided on both sides (side part) and came together on the other side in a bun.

Lastly, Kimbella had a side part with her hair loosely curled. This is also a #27/613 color.

If you are looking for weave that has that ombre affect with the dark roots and blonde ends, the color is T527. You can get this in yaki staight or curly. Just visist your local beauty supplies and ask around. 

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