Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve: Celeb Stats in Fashion

Chris Brown is in a, what it appears to be, classic tux with out the blazer.  

  Emily B., like always, looks spectacular in her black and white split geomectric body con dress.
Kim K. always looks gorgeous in white (except for a wedding She looks cute in her bangs.

Rihanna is wearing a very "classy" look her. And I'm a litte shocked that she went this classic. In my opinion, this look is too "old lady" for her. She is still young and she shouldn't dress like she is going to a funeral.  
Ok, Amber Rose is rocking it in her sheer panel panty girdle paired with an a-symetrical sequin jacket. For some reason I feel that a lot of girls in the STL will try to copy this look when they go to the club. NO NO NO Ladies. Leave this to the celebs please.

Overall, I noticed that there was minimal jewelry (just accent pieces) and the make-up was over all  natural with a bright lip or dark eyes with a nude lip.


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