Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hair 2 My Booty: Chrissy Lampkin

As you may know, (viewers of Love & Hip Hop 2) Chrissy Lampkin (Jim Jones fiance) had a 32" pony tail in Miami on the night Jim proposed to her. When I made a visit to my local beauty supply, Hollywood Beauty STL, the owner told me that everyone is going crazy in St. Louis about Chrissy's Hair.

Me personally, I feel that this is too long for an everyday pony tail but others may feel differently. So, I wanted to give you guys a heads up on where to purchase this look. Now, you guys can get this in human but I will list some synthetic hair weave because you may not want to come out the pocket like that for a pony tail.

This is for my locals, Americans, and international lurkers!

Here is a pic of what the hair looks like. The hair fell passed Chrissy's butt. She was sitting on it; that's how long the hair was.

This is Batik (synthetic). This is 30 inches for  $30 at Extreme Beauty Supply. This site does look bootleg but it is legit. I tried it, it's secure.

Sassy hair (synthetic). This hair is 20 inches at Sally's. Retails for $7.69. It doesn't come in black on the website but you can call your local Sally's and ask if they have this hair.  

This is Batik yaki weave and its on sale for $9.98 on Golden Mart Beauty Supply. This hair comes in 18" and 30".

Also, for my local lurkers. It is a beauty supply located on Lindell in Lindell Market Place (right buy Office Max) that sales a synthetic pony tail. Just ask the store rep and he/she will assist you. The pony tail is about 24" long.

Use these products for your synthetic and I promise it will act just like 100% Human Hair. ( find this at your local beauty supply) Soft Sheen Carson Weave Care.


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