Saturday, January 14, 2012

Angela Simmons: Pretty Woman "Street walker" Look

Overall, Angela bombed this look and NOT in a good way. She does not have the swag/confidence to pull this look off. I can see this look on Lady Gaga, Jessie J., even Amber Rose. But Angela??? No! Rev. Run needs to run to the alter and pray for his daughter cuz her wardrobe has hit its limit. This is just not you (Angela) boo boo! Try again, and as much as this hurts me to say this but, U HAVE FAILED!

This is how Angela should have put her look together, if she wanted to be a little "risky".

Pretty Woman: Angela Simmons Hooker Look

Pretty Woman: Angela Simmons Hooker Look by kimi2kute featuring noir jewelry



Shawn Giles said...

Your look was WAY better than hers...I saw this look the other day and was like totally agree..and this is your stalkee...Im suprised she failed lol lol

S. Dot & Kimora said...

Yea she my girl but I can not defend what is totally wrong! She had no choice but to fail!

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