Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kimora's OOTN: Thuggish Ruggish Chic

  • Hurley Cap-Marshalls
  • Tommy Hilfiger Sweatshirt-thrifted
  • Black Leggings
  • Two Toned Socks-Urban Outfitters
  • Timberland Boots
  • Gold rings
  • Square Bracelet and White and Gold Watch
  • Spiked Hoops

Thug Chic

Thug Chic by kimi2kute featuring engraved gold rings



Fashion Pad said...

Now if I'm going to dress casually, this is my type of outfit! I love a "thuggish ruggish chic" look!!! Werk!

Lovely Ms. Nita said...

Now this is a comfy go getter fit,I can stump you down with mii Timberlands if you cross me wrong, and still look good and chic while doing it :-), Loveing It.

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