Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fashion ???: Has Soulja Boy "OD'd"- OVER DESIGNER

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

I just don't get it when I look at this image of Soulja. Either he is just tacky as hell (no style whatsoever)  or he is on some serious drugs. Why would you wear Burberry, YSL, and Louis Vuitton while holding a Versaces shopping bag and all the logos and prints are noticeable? WE GET IT SOULJA, U HAVE MONEY. But it will be gone soon with all this "OD'ing" you doing.

Why do wealthy African Americans that live in Atlanta, GA feel that they have to be drowned in designer labels? Please STOP! Mix your lows and highs together so it won't be over done; that exudes real style. You just look silly. SMH And for who ever lives anywhere else and dresses like this, this is not ok for you either (you don't get a pass).

But really, if you are going to wear this much designer, I hope they are cutting you a check for being a walking bill board. Don't be free adverstisement; get paid for your services. LOL



Is Soulja wearing way to much designer fashion at one time?
Yes, this is a total fail!
No, he is just expressing his swag.
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