Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lets Talk Weave

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Lets talk weave.

Remy hair

Human hair collected directly from a hair donor is Remy hair. It is also known as: cuticle hairvirgin Hair or cut Hair. most hair sold in the hair industry is not Remy hair, but rather bleaching or acid-baths have been used to strip the cuticles. Remy hair also goes through a additional special processes comparable to those of processing cashmere, which ultimately allow better preservation of the hair cuticles. This creates stronger, fuller-bodied, durable Remy hair pieces. It is also spelled: Remi hair (

Remy hair does go through a process, like the definition said, so calling Remy Hair, Virgin Remy Hair is a contradiction. If the hair you buy is called Virgin Remy Hair, then the hair is processed. 

Virgin Hair 
Human Hair that has not been processed (no relaxer, no color treatment, no chemicals at all), only shampooed and conditioned.

What type of remy hair textures do you like?
Body Wave
Yaki Straight
Yaki Coarse
Kinky Curly
Silky Straight
Deep Wave
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