Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fyre or Trash: Azealia Banks Purple Ombre Hair

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

As we know hair plays a huge part in a woman's look. "Hair is a woman's glory," according to Maya Angelou. Hell, I don't know about ya'll but hair is my life. I love to change my hair styles. Enough about me, lets talk Azealia Banks with her Ombre Purple hair. The ombre effect is certainly a classic hair coloring technique that gives you an "easy breezy beachy" look.

However, celebs and "us regular folks" are wearing exotic colors with an ombre effect that are not appealing in my opinion. They look a little clown-ish, if you know what I mean? But maybe, its just appropriate for the stage. So, whats your opinion with the ombre hair. Is it Fyre or is it Trash?

Is Azealia Banks Ombre Hair Fyre or Trash?
Fyre, I love the bright, not the norm hair colors in ombre.
Trash, Ombre effect in that color? NO WAY!
Hot for some , but NOT my taste.
Ombre only looks good is natural hair colors.
Great look for entertainers!
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1 comment:

Crazy Gaiijiin said...

i want the same hair color

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