Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY: Ombre Weave/Natural Hair

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Since I have been posting all this Ombre stuff, I might as well find a video for you guys to watch just in case you want to try this look at home. Coloring weave is very easy. You can find all the tutorials on Youtube to help you. If this is your first time coloring hair with a dramatic color, please use weave first. Don't take that risk of messing up your natural hair.

Also, if this is your first time, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE REMY OR VIRGIN HAIR  to get these results. You can use remy/virgin if you have it or that's the only hair you like. On the other hand,  if you have 100% human hair or go buy some, you will get the same results too. 100% Human Hair is a lesser cost then remy and virgin hair.

I love projects, so if someone out there is like me then this will be a fun project to complete for yourself.
*TIP: If you don't want the whole bundle of hair red, then just put the red dye at the bottom of the hair where you want it to be red.


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Kimberly said...

Yey for Ombre!


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