Thursday, April 5, 2012

What is Age Appropriate Dress Anyway?

What is Age Appropriate Dress Anyway?

I’ve been surfing the other fashion blogs and I enjoy reading the viewers comments. But lately I’ve been reading and seeing the same commentary of “that’s not age appropriate”.  So, I want to investigate this a little further. What does this phrase mean exactly? In my opinion, if you are a 45 year old woman and you have the body of Evelyn Lozado (Basketball Wives) then rock the hell out of your bandage dress with you boobs pushed up like Playmates (Playboys).  More power to you “IF” you still have the body for it.

                                Evelyn  35 years old                                                           KeKe Palmer 19 years old

Appropriate Dress- suitable or proper dress for the circumstances

Ladies, if you are going to work, you will dress accordingly to your profession no matter what your age is.  For example, you work a 9-5 business casual office job. So, your wardrobe for work should consist of trousers, tailored denim (no rips and distressed looks), blouses or nice tops (no plunging necklines), skirts (not tight or mini’s), dresses (no mini’s or tight), No Cleavage, no mid-drift showing, and no leggings with your butt exposed like you are going jogging.  

However, if this person wants to go out with friends or hit the club then she does not have to wear a blouse and trouser pants. Regardless of her age, she can wear a short skirt because now the occasion and environment is the proper place for this image.

But who can really argue what is age appropriate dress? Of coarse we know that if you are 65 years old, you probably won’t be rocking a cat suite because other issues come with old age that prevent people from being able to fully function the way they need to. As long as the occasion matches the way the person is dressed, age appropriate dress should not matter.

                                  Jeniffer Lopez is 42

Some people feel like if they are in their 30’s they have to dress like they shop at Chico’s or Catherine’s, but this is not true. You can still dress with sex appeal; isn’t this why are parents told us to wait until we where grown to dress a certain way (high heels, boobs, tight skirts)? NOW IS THE TIME.  Dress however you want as long as you are grown with no rules.

The only thing that bothers me about women and their dress issues are FOUNDATION & SUPPORT. This is referring to a girdle/spanx and a bra. PLEASE LADIES, wear a bra. No one likes saggy boobs. They make people sad L. Saggy boobs are sleepy (that’s why you take your bra off at night). Happy boobs are awake and have support (the bra). Plus, wearing a bra prevents your boobs from pre-maturely sagging. A girdle is needed to help SMOOTH your body out and help define your shape. It gets rid of those lumps and bumps that most women have. So don’t be afraid to buy one; I have plenty. 

                                         No Bra                                                                           With Bra
Tell me how do you feel about age appropriate dress.


Giselle Santos said...

This is a very tricky question. I think this will depend on the person and how they want to be perceived. However I do think that there are certain clothes that would not look flattering regardless of their body type. There comes a time when "looking sexy" needs to be put aside. We can't dress like we are in our 20s forever, and with that in mind we also don't have to lose our sense of style, but there is a limit as to what a woman should wear depending on her age. But that's just my opinion.

Kimora and S. Dot said...

Thank you for your comment. I like your point of view.

mizfashionablylate said...

I would not want to see my mom in a dress like what amber rose has on and she is 46 but her body also is not in amber rose condition. IF YOU GOT IT STILL, flaunt it!! but i believe with age your style should mature as well. i agree with giselle you cant dress in your 20's forever but you certainly dont have to cover up because you are older.


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