Monday, April 9, 2012

Approved or Failed: Keisha Knight Pulliam

Keisha Knight Pulliam, better known as Rudy from the Cosby Show, celebrated her 33rd b-day in Atlanta. She was wearing this silver sequined meshed cutout dress along with these zig-zag glitter Louboutin booties.

 I'm not a fan of the dress and the shoes together but they are both great statement pieces. Keisha looks to overdone in the dress and shoes due to the fact that they are both heavy pieces (especially the dress). If she would have worn a less "flashy" shoe, all the focus would be on the dress. But this is creating an eye war in my head, and now my head hurts from fashion Never the less, I hope Keisha had a great b-day.

The Ziggy Glitter booties retail for $1395....Yikes! Fabulous shoe!

Are Keisha's shoes too much for her sequin dress?
Yes, those shoes are clashing with the dress
No, I think they look great together
Neither, those pieces are both too flashy for me
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