Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala: The BAD Fashion Choices

Naomi Campbell made the BAD list cuz she was dead wrong for letting her mama do her hair like that. Plus, the dress is wearing her and she is not wearing the dress. Try again...Total Fail!

John Legend looks fyre but he dead wrong for letting the Black Swan come and beat the hell out his girl. She looks like a chicken that has crossed over to the dark side! ....FAILED

Now, I love J Hud but this is not working for me. Who's prom are you going to J? Grow up, u r not a princess. And the dress also reminds me of a bad brides maid gown.

O La La, Why do you do these things. Carmelo is fyre but his wife look like she dyed her wedding dress and wore it again. She has stunning make-up but the look is not working for me.

Serena, U are not Kate Middleton. Stop trying! This is real bad. Why would U wear a wedding dress to a gala? You wonna get married that bad? This dress was just too much for her body type. Serena has an athletic build so she needs to stay away from hella feathers. She looks like Big Bird's sister or just a drag queen....FAILED!

This was wrong in so many ways. Andre, was dead wrong for coming as Moby Dick to the gala. Enough Said! ..................FAILED!

Love the dress, BUT I hate the hair. Beyonce should of had a higher bun on top of her head or high back. The hair threw the whole look off to me. And Jay-Z, Kill Yo Self for being that rich and that NAPPY at a gala. Jay-Z looks crazy.

Gorgous accessories (jacket, belt, and clutch) but not with this dress. Alica should have implemented another color with the chocolate. U look like a big piece of poop. And this was just too matchy-matchy.

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Anonymous said...

Harsh aren't we Kimora.

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