Saturday, November 10, 2012

Soul Train Awards: Red Carpet Looks

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Lets take a peek at the wardrobe choices at the Soul Train Awards. Some good, some bad, and some just fashionably LATE. "In my Tamar Voice"- La La La La Late!

Moving on... I want to start off with the best. She is never fyre BUT this time Lil Mama slam dunked it! Lil Mama you better WERK! She was cute from head to toe.

Next in line is Elle Varner. She looks nice but she is dressed for the wrong occasion. Elle Varner looks like she is going to church. Elle you could of did better then this.

Next is Eric Benet, now he looks like he is drunk and has a bottle of Jack in his back pocket but other then him looking messy, his suit was nice. 

 Fantasia B. looks great compared to how she was looking before in appearances but her dress was way to  classy and modest. She looked like she was going to a funeral. But she does look nice.

Goapele's white jumpsuit is to die for. Jumpsuits are in this season and she is really rocking this trend well with her geometric/tribal accessories.


1 comment:

Ashley said...

im so proud of lil mama, that blonde makes her look sexy and not child like!!! Go Girl!!!

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