Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Build a Wardrobe: The Fundamentals of an Outfit

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Are you new to fashion and want to start a new wardrobe but don't know how?
Let me help you....

  1. You need BASICS. Basics are articles of clothing that are the foundation of your look. Basics go with everything. Basics come in the colors of black, white, gray, and khaki. Think about neutrals when you think of basics for your wardrobe. If you start with these you will be able to mix and match different outfits. Example: tees and tanks, cardigans, pants, slacks, blazers, etc. *Basics are also Classic pieces too.
  2. You need Jeans. Make sure you find the best style of denim for your body type. Good fit equals a flattering look. If you find that a certain brand of jean fits you well, stick with it and be brand loyal. However, still be open to other brands. 
  3. Add Color. Start buying pieces that add that pop of color to your wardrobe. Such as a red blazer or pants or colored denim. Buy accessories with different colors in them.
  4. Add Prints. You can start with basic prints first like leopard and stripes. Those 2 prints go with everything. You can even mix the two. Florals, tie dye, polka dots, abstract prints and etc can be more complex when mixing but can definitely be done. But these are all good prints to start with. 
  5. TRENDS. Trends are any type of fad that the fashion industry is obsessed with for the time being. Examples: denim head to toe, floral print motifs, metallics, polka dots, mixing prints, monochromatic color schemes head to toe, suede in the summer, patent leather in the summer, white, black and white, studs and spikes, etc. Trends come and go. Sometimes they stay a while and other times they only last a season. 
Fundamentals of an Outfit

Fundamentals of an Outfit by kimi2kute featuring t-strap shoes

Use these Fundamentals to create your looks and you should not go wrong.


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