Saturday, July 9, 2011


“Brick”- If you have a Brick Shape then you are wide from shoulders to hips. Or, your shoulders and hips are the same measurements and your tummy is a bit larger. Brick’s have large breast and wide straight hips.
                What a Brick Should Wear
                                Tops that emphasize your breast take the eyes away from your mid section (V-necks).  You can still wear cut-offs but make sure your legs are in good condition. Oversized shirts are also good for camouflaging the tummy and drawing attention to your legs. Wear tunics (long shirts) with leggings or skinny jeans. Jeans with a flare can help balance your shape. Blazers will give you a smaller “looking” waist line.
DON’T WEAR: tight fitted shirts, tight fitted dresses, or cropped tops.  Stay away from shirts with detail at the middle.
“Pencil”- If you are Pencil Shaped then you are skinny and the same shape from head to toe. This is a more slender girl (tall or short). Pencil shaped women have slim hips and little breast.
                What a Pencil Should Wear
                                Maxi skirts or dresses that flare will give you more shape. Shorts or fitted tops will help show off your legs. Short baby doll dresses are also a good look for you. Layer your top half with a tiered shirt and a jacket. This helps you look fuller in the bust. Cropped tops and harem pants make you look fuller too.  You can wear belly shirts.
“Coke Bottle”- If you are a Coke Bottle Shape then you have full breast and wide hips with a small defined waist. You could also be a Pear with small breast and big hips and a tiny waist.
                What a Coke Bottle Should Wear
                                Wear cropped tops and harem pants. You can wear shorts but make sure the top portion of your body is covered up a little more b/c this body shape can make you look like a SLUT if too much is hanging out. Blazers, fitted tops, fitted dresses, and empire waist make your waist look extremely tiny. High waist pants and wide legged pants draw attention to your tiny waist and help camouflage the hips. You can wear belly shirts (if u r a slimmer coke bottle shape).
DON’T WEAR: Straight shaped dresses or straight shaped tunics. No horizontal lines across your hips.
“T -Shape”- If you are a T-Shape then you have a large bust and slim hips. Being a T-Shape can also cause weight to gather around your mid section. Some T-Shapes also have broad shoulders.
                What a T-Shape Should Wear
                                Wide leg pants help balance you out. Over sized shirts and shorts is a good look for you too. This helps draw attention to your gorgeous toned legs. V-neck lines make you look slimmer and taller. Wearing big bangles attracts attention to your wrist which is next to your hips and belts on your lower waist make your hips look bigger.
DON’T WEAR: Shoulder pads or gathers around the sleeves on a shirt, stay away from horizontal lines across your chest. This makes you look wider then you are up top.

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