Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Haters, (Oh you know who you are...)

So...Im working on our blog (Kimora and I) and noticed soo many negative comments or negative reactions on pictures, post, etc..  What bothers me the most is that people invest enough time to exhaust negative energy..but for what reason?? I was told that people who put others down do so because they want to try and bring you down to their level. Low self-esteem is an illness..people commit suicide over it! So why you are so worried about the Fashion Crackheads and what we do, you should try to seek counseling, talk to a friend, perhaps step your game up so you wont fall in that category. Will hate to see you end your tragic right? We will keep doing us while you all continue to hate, even though you have negative comments, you still like us enought to come to our blog and type them in..we know we are on your minds..if we weren't you wouldnt be checkin for us...good or bad.. hate us so much..but you love us enough to keep returning...~ You wont ever see me replying to negativity..cause thats ugly and God dont like ugly..So keep doing "yall"..and we are go keep doing us..~Be blessed today and everyday~


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