Friday, November 25, 2011

Get Close to the Look: Baseketball Wives LA Reunion

Here are some looks that I picked to channel your "inner" Basketball Wife. The Looks are affordable and are inspirations from the original looks that these ladies wore.

This look below is Imani and she is wearing a 2 toned sheer sleeved Robecca Torres Dress.

This dress is $86.90 at by Motel Rocks

LHH, Now Jackie's Dress is a total fail but I managed to bring some good out of it if someone was interested.

This dress below is a more modern take on Jackie's dress. Jackie's dress looks like a school uniform with a fur scarf..lhh. You can get this for $79.90 at

Now, Here is Draya in this lovely geometric gator print sequin dress. has a gold sequin dress for $59. Other retailers like Forever 21 and Love Culture have some too but they look a little cheap.

This is Malaysia and her dress was $4,500...YIKES.

Shop ASOS for this $60.90 dress. If you want to look more like Malaysia with this dress below, you can buy a scarf and tie it in a bow around your neck (just a thought). Also, this dress comes in a variety of colors on ASOS.

Gloria in a Mariesa Irene Dress

Get a similar look from LuLu's for $30

This is Laura (Gloria's sister) and she is a fail also. The reason this dress does not work for Laura is because she has a "boxy shape" with square broad shoulders, so she should have not chosen a dress with exaggerated shoulders. Thus, making her look even more boxy.

The dress I chose is $39 at LuLu's  and this dress will flatter almost any body shape. For those of you who don't have a lot of curve to your body, this is a good dress for you. It will create an illusion of larger hips and a smaller waist.

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