Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trina's New Image

As you guys may know, since Trina has come back into the spotlight, her image has completely changed from when she was with Trick Daddy. Trina has been taking a more glamorous (if you will) approach to her image.

Last night, on Styled by June, June Ambrose wanted to take Trina's brand to the next level. June had "rock star" in mind for Trina in her upcoming shoot for Paper Magazine. Trina was a bit hesitant at first but agreed to let her guard down and try new things.

I liked the photo shoot wardrobe but as for the performance gear, I did not care for it. Trina did mention to June that if she loses her fans because of this drastic change then she will put all the blame on June.

How do you guys feel about Trina's new appearance?

Before                                                               After
Paper Magazine Shoot

Performance Look



Ashley said...

i didnt really like it. i liked the style trina has while she was hanging with lala, kim k, and kelly rowland. that style wasnt raunchy at all. she has really grown since her slip n slide days.

TashB said...

I think the photo shoot was amazing, but the performance look was garbage! :( I think the change could have been more gradual.

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