Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Better or Worst: Chris Brown H&M Versace Bomber Jacket

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

I came across the artist formally known as Chris Brown who is really a talented artist in paint media, directing music videos, and making music. However, I not sure if he owned the look of the Versace by H&M Bomber Jacket on the second time around. He wore this jacket before in the Fat Joe video called Another Round and then gave the jacket another round on the streets. I don't care for his street look but I would like to hear my baby lurker's opinion.

This Versace Jacket retails for $129.00 but you can probably only find it on Ebay since this was a limited edition. And *Ebay was taxing for it*. 

Tell me your thoughts... Did he own the look on set or in the streets?



Tessa B said...

I liked the look better on set...and love your FCB banner and background!!! It looks really good!!


Kimora and S. Dot said...

Thank you!

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