Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Get the Look: Bad Girls Club Las Vagas

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

Did you guys watch  Bad Girls Club Las Vagas last night? Well, I did and I was trying to take note of the fashion on stage in between fights.

Lets take a look.....

If you want to see some of the looks the girls wore then....

Erica- the red head is wearing what seems to be a Rue 107 dress but I think its a knock off. Anyway, the dress she wore was cute but I didn't like her hair color and the dresses colors together. And the shoes Erica wore was a "HELL NO".. She wore red and white pumps with this dress y'all. #TERRIBLE

This Rue 107 dress is the Pink La La and it is $110.00

Camilla- She was the beating everyone up in the house; she is one of the replacement girls. She had on a standard club dress that everyone has seen before. I found an embellished dress on Go Jane.com that looks just like hers but it has jems on it. Or you can get the plain one at Great Glam

Retails for $38.00 at Go Jane It come is cobalt blue too.

Shop Great Glam for this dress, $34.80

Gia- the one with the sheer panel jumper, claims to have had her jumper Custom-Made. There were mixed reviews about the jumper. Some thought it was Trash and others thought it was appropriate for a birthday suit. Well, for the ones who found her jumper "lovely", I found something for you.

Great Glam has these sheer paneled leggings that you can pair with a cut out top to resemble the top half of Gia's jumper. The leggings are $29.80
 OR get these for $29.80 at Great Glam

Mimi- The girl with the slicked down hair and the vertical dress, had the best dress to me.Here is a dress that is a little similar to Mimi's. Get the dress at BANK, a UK site 25.00 Euros


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