Monday, October 15, 2012

D.I.Y.: Goddess Chain Head Piece

Hey Fashion Lurkers,

I haven't posted a d.i.y. in a minute. I was inspired tonight by Draya Michele (Basketball Wives LA) to make a Goddess Chain Head Piece. I've been watching the show and I'm intrigued by Draya's head piece that  she wears during her 101's with the camera  on the show (lol). At 1st I was thinking maybe I should buy one, but then I thought, thats the easy way out...I will make it myself instead of paying $20 for some $2 chains.

I found a video on how to make it. This is a very simple d.i.y. to achieve. I will be heading to my nearest Micheal's Craft store for these supplies.

Check it out lurkers.....


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