Monday, September 26, 2011

ShoeGASM....I love me a killer heel!

The sickest street style

Owning it...loves~Sot~

Fly Guys(:

Weekends are for bad girls!

Spikes and Chains...thats how I like it

Me an Kimora..accessory spike hoops are from Apricot Lane boutique Kimora's fringe earrings are from ASOS online!! ~Sdot~

Sdot's Fashion in the City fashion show look!

Smokey eye using loreal and nyc proucts..and lots of bronzer!!

Necklace:Erikson and Beamon, Blouse:Apricot Lane Boutique(Galleria), Clutch" Tory Burch

Me an LT(former fashion crackhead) lhh and me at the Fashion Show

Get like Kimora

Get like Kimora

Get like Kimora by shawnsdotgiles featuring a black skirt

Hunny who go check you? Nobody..cause they go be checkin FOR you..~Sdot~
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