Thursday, September 8, 2011

When Real Goes Wrong .....FAILED!: Kimsha Artest

Baby Lurkers, yall already know why Kimsha failed in her look (above). Why would you come to an event knowingly that you will be on camera and dress this way. Let me break down on what she is doing WRONG!

Kimsha, Your hair is cool but your make-up is non-existent (no foundation but you are on camera), your dress is ill fitting (like its from Rainbow), your earrings are borrowed by a friend and you're a millionaire (so your friend had to side line save you but not really...still let you drown), you look a tad bit dry on the legs, and you have Rainbow flip flops on with Hammer toe (you can't get the feet done and wear some cute shoes?) Kimsha was only successful in looking "Hood"....straight out of Compton! (or South Jameica Queens)

In the video below Kimsha talks about how her earrings are borrowed from a friend......

Kimsha, as a wife "ON TV NOW"  you must represent for your husband. Why would you want to be a "HOT MESS"  on film for generations to generations to view?

Ladies, if you read this and you are dating or married to an athlete/celebrity or any other man too, "Why wouldn't you want to be fyre for your man and represent him well? "

Kimsha please step it up...because this is bad!


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