Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FAILED: Serena Williams "You Gotta Do Better"...SMH

OK baby lurkers, Serena below is sporting the leather trend BUT its a TOTAL FAIL. First, that wig is a "no no", big curly hair is not your friend. Secondly, that is way too much concealer under your eyes; who are you trying to be "Casper the Friendly Ghost"? Third, stop putting your lipstick on in the car while driving down the highway because clearly you can not color inside the lines (lip line). Lastly, ladies if you have an athletic build and your abs look like The Situation's (Jersey Shore) abs, then you know that if you wear a belly shirt it will cut you off and draw attention to how SQUARE  your waist is. You don't want to be shaped like a box so therefore you must cover that mid section with a pencil skirt (gives the illusion of a smaller waist).

With the offence of 4 fashion violations, I'm sorry but Serena Williams has Failed and is in jeopardy of being put on FASHION PROBATION.


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