Tuesday, October 11, 2011

St. Louis Fashion Week 2011: Project Design Opening Show

Let me give you guys the run down on Project Design before you guys look at our pictures below. The show was "TRASH.COM"! Out of the 6 looks that were shown only 2 were some what nice (S Dot thought they all were horrible). It was a great crowd and they had free drinks but the fashion show was a mess. Just not at all impressed! 45 designers entered into the Project Design group and they had to pick 6. We just wanted to know how bad were the other designers that didn't make the cut? Because the ones that did....ummm, did not have promising looks. O well, congratulations to the ones who made it and I pray they get some better designers next time.

Danielle (above) had her messy bun and her paparazzi's on.

Kimora (above)

I had my shoulders on "Flight Mode"!

S Dot is rocking her sheer one shoulder dress...CUTE!

Christina, Danielle, S Dot

S Dot, Kimora, Rob, &Tony

Kimora and S Dot

Kimora, Danielle, and S Dot

Rob and S Dot

Ola outside "tooting that thang up" cuz valet lost her keys :(

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