Thursday, October 27, 2011

Make-Up: How to Look Youthful and Chic (Natural Look)

#1 Keep your eyebrows thick but TRIM. Shape those brows and don't fill them in too dark if your brows are thin.

#2 Use a light primer and foundation to give your skin an airbrushed appearence.

#3 Use BRONZER to seal your make up.

#4 Apply a girly pink blush.

#5 Make a little cateye with your eyeliner on your eye lid.

#6 If your lashes are long use tons of Mascara; if not buy some natural looking lashes and apply. Put mascara on your bottom lashes too.

#7 Lastly, apply a nice colored lipstick that fits your skin tone (red, orange, pink, nude gloss, etc.).

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