Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Hairstyle for Less: $1 Bun

Want to achieve this look?
Well, you can. All you need is a $1 pack of jumbo braiding hair (synthetic hair/100% Kanekalon) from your local beauty supply. If you want a chic runway look or an elegant up-do that is "pocket friendly" versus a pre-made bun that will cost you $10 or more (for our college students who have tight funds) try this.
S Dot pulled her hair up in the desired position for the bun and put her hair in a pony tail or ball (for longer hair). Use the best holding hair products for your type of hair (ex. gel, jam, pump it up spritz, etc.) and smooth your hair up with a hard brush. Then, you will take the braiding hair and begin to wrap the hair continuously around your pony tail/ball and bobby pin the hair in place until the hair comes to an end. S Dot only used 1 whole bag of synthetic hair. If you want the bun to be bigger use 2 bags.

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