Thursday, December 29, 2011

Get the Look: Kimbella's Hair Style in Dream Weaver

I noticed that my baby lurkers are loving the Kimbella look with the deep curled ombre hair. So, I decided to find another brand of hair for you guys who are interested in the Kimbella look from Love and Hip Hop 2.

The brand is Model Model Dream Weaver and this hair is Pre-Cut.
The Style is Water Deep in an 8 in. (length).
The color of the hair is T527.
You can find this hair at your local beauty supply who sales Model Model Dream Weaver.
Prices may vary in different states and countries.
To achieve the look of Kimbella with the curl texture, you must pull all those curls apart after your weave is intalled. Or your curls will look just like the lady on the box and you don't want that.

 This picture below shows you the ombre effect clearly.


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