Thursday, December 29, 2011

Poparazzi Earrings: Do they still have a Chance?

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So, I was watching Love & Hip Hop 2 and I was just noticing how much everyone on the show is wearing the Poparazzi earrings (Just like the other house wife shows). And everyone in the STL is also wearing these earrings. Most of them wear them totally #WRONG. I just see them too much all around.  But I just wanted to ask my baby lurkers what do you guys think? 

Should Poparazzi earrings #LIVE or #DIE?
Are they the new hoop and we should just get use to them?
I want you guys opinion...comment, comment, comment.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated...Thanx



Anonymous said...

They should live to a certain extent. They're definitely hot and an update to the regular hoop. But...I feel like too many people are wearing them to fit in and not to be fashion forward and stand out.

Style4Curves said...

I think they should die if u insist on wearing them with EVERYTHING it's a statement hoop not an everyday hoop and definitely not a go to work at a grocery store and stand out in hoop (I saw a cashier in them)

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